Welcome to my website. Here you will find Podcasts of some of my yoga classes and eventually instructional yoga videos. I wish to share here, things that I have learned from my own practice using many different props, so that you can find the right tool to open and adjust your body.  My hope is that you might take away something that will help you along on you journey.



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Having the highest possible vibration of any emotion or experience, love is the secret key to growth and rapid transformation. Without love, all our efforts to find peace, balance, and empowerment fail, over and over again. While it’s important that we learn and master different techniques, the moment we infuse all that we do with self-love is the moment we truly start experiencing authentic change. True healing and empowerment are about opening your heart to love. This love that I speak of isn’t the warm, fuzzy, or sentimental notion of love that most people believe in and propagate. Instead, this love is fierce, strong, and unconditionally accepting. Unconditional acceptance means that no matter what you feel, think, say, or do, you are still accepted and cherished by your heart, just as you are. Genuine self-love is the most profound experience in the universe. However, it usually takes time, sincere dedication, and discipline to develop. ” - Aletheia Luna & Mateo Sol

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