Welcome to my website. Here you will find Podcasts of some of my yoga classes and eventually instructional yoga videos. I wish to share here, things that I have learned from my own practice using many different props, so that you can find the right tool to open and adjust your body.  My hope is that you might take away something that will help you along on you journey.



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Common Humanity. A sense of interconnectedness is central to self- compassion. It’s recognizing that all humans are flawed works-in- progress, that everyone fails, makes mistakes, and experiences hardship in life. Self- compassion honors the unavoidable fact that life entails suffering, for everyone, without exception. While this may seem obvious, it’s so easy to forget. We fall into the trap of believing that things are “supposed” to go well and that something has gone wrong when they don’t. Of course, it’s highly likely—in fact inevitable—that we’ll make mistakes and experience hardships on a regular basis. This is completely normal and natural. But we don’t tend to be rational about these matters. Instead, not only do we suffer, we feel isolated and alone in our suffering. When we remember that pain is part of the shared human experience, (however,) every moment of suffering is transformed into a moment of connection with others. The pain I feel in difficult times is the same pain you feel in difficult times. The circumstances are different, the degree of pain is different, but the basic experience of human suffering is the same. ” - Kristin Neff and Christopher Germer

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