Welcome to my website. Here you will find Podcasts of some of my yoga classes and eventually instructional yoga videos. I wish to share here, things that I have learned from my own practice using many different props, so that you can find the right tool to open and adjust your body.  My hope is that you might take away something that will help you along on you journey! Namaste!


Today's Quote

YOUR GIFT - Each of us is born with something special, a gift that’s only given just to us, a talent or a quirk or a way of seeing life, a knack of finding light amidst the dust. It’s your special little gift that’s going to take you, to the places you’ve dreamed of in your head, it will open doors and bring in souls who marvel at your skills, it will harvest joy and chase away the dread. But there’s something that you must be quite aware of, when it comes to knowing just what is your gift, people search for theirs in vain their whole life through, a thankless chase like that can cause a rift. Your gift you see, is not always a grand one, it’s not the being fast, or saving lives, it’s not always the singing voice, the dancing feet or more, it can sometimes be a simple quirk of life. Your gift can be a constant splash of colour, a way of showing light through cloudy days, your gift could be the way you make others feel at peace, or bring some calm to someone’s messy day. Your gift could be the ears that always listen, when someone is in need of being seen, your gift could be the way you view the world as something small, and believe that we are all just one big team. Your gift could be the passions that you share, with others who are not that way inclined, spreading art and spreading music all across your world, is something that can change a lot of minds. So take a minute now to look within you, and see what little gift you’ve stored away, let it out and show it love and bring it to the front, your gift will stay with you now, all the way.” - Donna Ashworth

— From ‘I Wish I Knew’

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